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Stay ahead of your competition
with the right professional tools
and improve your sales!

Imagine a control panel like that of a Formula 1 driver at your disposal to monitor all the critical points of the sales business, financial, customers and more.

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  • Total Integration
    Total Integration

    All company information centralized in a single application.

  • Simplicity

    Lowest price of the market for one of the most complete management software.

  • Easy migration
    Easy migration

    Avoid problems! Migrate between systems with structure and planning.

  • Security

    Customized accesses for each sector or employee avoiding the leak.

  • Personalization

    Our solution has a language of development included, facilitating and speeding the creation of small applications or personalization of resources.


A management system with
exclusive resources for the retail trade.

A complete and super easy to use system with the best accessibility.
Full installation and configuration support
Easy migration
Easy migration with the lowest price on the market.
Total security of data and access.

Learn more at www.illi.com.br


All the information of your business.
in the palm of your hand!

Total Control
Control all your business information through the app easily
Daily sales
Regular tracking of store performance can help detectfailures or successes
Easy handling
Easy, fast and reliable, Illi Gestor offers all the information inpalm of your hand.
Real time
App data is synced with property, all inreal time.

Learn more at www.illigestor.com.br


Additional features to boost
your system.

A lot of app
Several apps for you to leave your system turbocharged and practical for everyday life.
Integração Completa
Everything you need to integrate with your system.
The illi Store provides extra functionality for you to install as needed.
Lowest price of the market for one of the most complete management software.

Learn more at www.illigestor.com.br

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